A consequence of being a print designer for fashion textiles is that you are encouraged to be a master of as many styles as you can, indeed it is a benefit to become as versatile as possible.  This enables you to compete in the ever changing and ever competitive fashion industry.  It is great for the commercial churn of designing but it very rarely allows you to explore and develop your own style. 

So that is what I am aiming at ….finding something that I enjoy and can explore for me!!… Mono prints have captured my attention (for now!) and my love of fine line, free drawing and texture combined with it’s unpredictability give it a life of its own at times…and there is oh so much to learn and experiment with!

I also enjoy animal portraiture, both traditional and the more quirky…whether it is a detailed representation of a beloved pet or simply a fleeting scribble or doodle!

… And there is still the textiles…as a freelance designer any unsold samples of my work are returned to me after a time and rather than let them fester in a box I have begun combining these one off samples to produce unique scarves. Each sample has been printed in the UK on 100% silk so I feel it would be rude not to use them!!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.


My Work Angela Sowden

My Work Angela Sowden

My Work Angela Sowden

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